domingo, 31 de enero de 2010

introducing another friend

His name is Angel espina, he's 19 years old, he was born in maracaibo on November 6th 1990. he's studying Industrial Engineering in URBE, he doesn't have a job he's just a student.

he loves...
his career, URBE, spend time with his family and friends, go out with friend and he likes to play football soccer and he really love Real Madrid and Deportivo tachira FC.

he hates...
Barcelona FC, Caracas BBC, magallanes BBC, he doesn't like wake up him self to early.

his dreams...
To graduate, get a good job, keep studying later, have a nice house and a nice car, maybe live in other coutry.

his opinion about english...
he likes this language and he want to learn it good, he wants to improve his pronunciation and writing
with this assignment.

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