domingo, 24 de enero de 2010


Hi, my name’s Douglas Caldera and I’m Venezuelan. I was born in Maracaibo on February 22nd 1990 so I’m 19 years old. I live in Maracaibo in Cumbres. I don’t work, I’m a student. I study Industrial engineering

I love watch a movie, eat all kind of foods, play with my dogs, hang out with my friends, spend a lot of time with my girlfriend, read something in my free time and I´m also like to play soccer, I do it every weekend.

I hate the traffic every morning , the smoke too, discuss with my mom, wash the dishes, work the weekends, have a bad qualification in a test and I also hate to be late for class.

My dream is to graduate soon, get a really good job, keep studying a mastery, buy a house, marry, buy a nice car.

My opinion about English …….

I really like the English, this is why I chose this assignment. I want to learn something new in every class and finalizing with a better Pronunciation, writing and speaking more clearly this important language.

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